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Type Threes at a meet

What's the deal with this site?!?

This site was made possible by people like you--people who are crazy about Type 3 Volkswagens. We've all pitched in money to pay for this domain name, this web site, and, most importantly, the Type 3 e-mail list.


By using the internet, we have formed a world-wide community of Type 3 lovers; these resources at vwtype3.org allow us to work together and support our hobby by exchanging repair and maintenance information, locating hard-to-find parts, and generally having a good time.

What's it gonna cost me?

Not a penny. Everything here is freely accessible and open to everyone.

So... what's the catch?

Have you saved a couple hours of busting your knuckles thanks to repair tips you picked up from the e-mail list? Learn some Type 3 history that you'd never find in your local library? Finally buy that last nagging item to finish your restoration thanks to the Type 3 classifieds?

If so, you'd probably like this site to be here the next time you come looking for it. This site will continue to thrive as long as it receives donations from people like you.

Consider sending in a few bucks to support vwtype3.org. Nobody makes a profit; all the money goes to directly cover the costs of these services. Send a message to I.support.type3@vwtype3.org for details!

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