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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 01:59:08 -0800
From: crashovd 
Subject: ITS ALIVE!!!!!

MY CAR IS ALIVE!!! I AM SO HAPPY! THanks to all that helped me out but
it came down to my hitting myself in the head... I jus thad to put NEW
points in AGAIN... and put the wires at 1432 instead of 1234.. Blah...
but I still want a 009... and I want 32's...I have a pair of 34's I will
trade for them! all I have to do is get new valve cover gaskets.. and I
will be able to try and get her inspected and registered! sorry I just
had to rant and rave! I am so happy my baby will be back on the road
again! the funny thing is it was cold as a B#%^# and Snowing and I was
STILL out there trying to revive my car.. god.. I love T-III's!

1970 T-III Fastback "Sam"

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