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Date: Thu, 02 Apr 98 11:03:49 -0600
To: <gregm@vwtype3.org>
Subject: Re: out-of-print copyright permission
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     Mr. Merritt:
     Permission is granted to use the information, provided that you give 
     credit to Clymer Publications, Overland Park Kansas and that the 
     information remains not-for-profit.
     Thank you,
     Mark Jacobs
     Editor, Clymer Publications

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Subject: out-of-print copyright permission 
Author:  Greg Merritt <gregm@vwtype3.org> at INTERNET
Date:    4/1/98 9:41 PM

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
        I maintain an enthusiast's web site for Type III Volkswagens
(vwtype3.org) and would like to make available content from out-of-print 
Clymer manuals.  The manuals are:
        "The 1600 Model Volkswagen Owners Handbook of Maintenance 
        and Repair," Floyd Clymer Publications, ca. 1966 (no ISBN 
        "Volkswagen Service Repair Handbook, Squareback and Fastback, 
        1962-1972," by Eric Jorgensen, edited by Jeff Robinson, Clymer 
        Publications, 1972 (no ISBN listed)
        Content from these works would be made available on a
not-for-profit basis for the purpose of assisting Volkswagen Type III 
owners with the repair and maintenance of their vehicles, with full and 
accurate reference to the original texts.
        Do you have authority to grant such permission?  If not, could you
refer me to someone who does?
Many thanks,
-Greg Merritt

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